Sell the dream home

Warm costal living room in California

You might be wondering, how can I sell my house above asking? The answer is simple, sell the lifestyle. When buyers are looking for their potential new home, they are looking at the next chapter in their life. As a seller you need to tap into what your house provides for that new chapter.

If you look at your house and see an outdated lifeless space you can’t wait to get out of. Guess what? The buyers are going to walk in and have those same feelings. You will need to invest in order to receive the maximum profits. You could be missing out on thousands possibly hundreds of thousands and sometimes millions by not investing before selling.

Sad dark living space

As a home stager, we can walk into a home, feel the current space but also envision a new one where buyers will be excited and anxious to move in. A stagers job is not only to create the visual lifestyle, but a psychological one too.

We fill the home with items that people aspire to have with design and color theory. The home will also be designed to flow and give the feeling of relaxation and recharge.

Bright welcoming family room entry

I hear far too often, “I don’t want to spend a bunch of money on improvements and staging.” What they don’t realize is that this translates to the buyer that the previous owner didn’t care enough about this house to make the changes. They will ask themselves questions such as, “Why should I care about this house to make the changes. What’s wrong with the house that I don’t know about? Did they fix things responsibly when they were broken? Is there something I don’t know about this neighborhood? A crazy neighbor?”

Outdated items and in desperate need of a revamp

We must prevent this narrative from starting. It is vital to have the buyer arrive with excitement, eagerness to come inside, open the door, walk inside and say “this is my new home”. Where they imagine spending quality time and making new memories.

Future dinner parties and family meals

Sell the dream home, reap the benefits, buy your dream home.